My Life on the Web

I’ve decided that I need to organise myself and what better way than to sign up to every online thingumy going and just upload my entire life. I work across 3 different computers and I’m currently in negotiations to get myself a shiny new laptop out of my boss so now’s the time.

I’ve been using GMail for a couple of years now and all of my e-mail finds it’s way there eventually. I’m yet to be privileged enough to be allowed to make it check my pop-accounts directly, but since I own my own domains, this isn’t really an issue.

Google Reader has become my most recent “Can’t live without” tool, I’m slowly collecting feeds and it’s an excellent way to keep track of my various online projects. I’m really getting into RSS and I find myself building it into all kinds of places.

I’m slowly getting more and more into photography, and I figured a nice online place to keep my stuff would be nice. I could build my own online gallery, but the various “off the shelf” offerings are way better than I’ll manage without some serious investment in time. I’m not really a fan of Flickr, I’m not really sure why, I actually think it’s something to do with Yahoo! buying it. I’m more of a Google man myself (does it show?). I’ve signed up to Zooomr and I’m trying Google’s Picasa Web which has the nice bonus of integrating with the Picasa software I’ve already been using for a while. I quite liked Zooomr, although I found it a bit sluggish. According to the Zooomr Blog they’re currently moving most of their backend over to version 3. I like the Geotagging option but found that managing and tagging and all that jazz was just a little bit cumbersome, I was also a bit miffed that the “upgrade to pro account” link was broken - I didn’t want to sign up just yet, but I wanted to know what I might get if I did! I’m quite happy with Picasa Web for now, but I’ll certainly look in on Zooomr when they go live with version 3! is a very funky little service that lets you store stuff in an online ‘box’. It’s got a really nice interface, using some clever Flash 8 upload widgets so you can upload multiple files in one go. Personally I’m waiting for they promised desktop integration before I start using it with gusto, but it’s a handy tool to have.