Rolling your own

It probably shows that I built everything here my very self, rather than using an “off the peg” solution.

I prefer the challenge of making something myself and learning something along the way, but having read an article about writing text editors, and trying to write a proper article about my recent experiences teaching in a brand new learning space, I’m wondering if it might not be the best choice.

Originally, I intended to put up some tutorials here explaining how I did what I did, but time got the better of that idea, and I started to wonder if I would just end up telling people the wrong thing.

I enjoy the idea of ‘writing’, but I realised when I tried to actually write a proper article that this basic text box isn’t quite up to snuff - for a start, I’m limited with the types of formatting I can apply inside the box simply because I enclose everything in it in paragraph tags, which causes trouble with XHTML1.1 (and touches on another subject I’ve been thinking about recently).

I’m fully aware that I’m no Journalist, and I rarely have much of import to say, but when I do, it would be nice if I could realise my ideas.

I’m not done with my Rolling My Own just yet - I’m going to have a fiddle with my backend and see if I can’t pull something off - but what with me seemingly moving my online life into the custody of Google at the moment, maybe Blogger might be worth a look Shudder