Zooomr Has It

Ok, so this is actually the second time I’ve written this post. Originally I wrote how I’d decided to use Zooomr to host all my photies and how I liked its quirkyness and that it fit in nicely with my own life philosophy because it was one man “Rolling Your Own”.

Then I started uploading my photos in earnest and hit a snag. Any time I put more than about 3 photos into the web uploader, it all just timed out and gave up. That was annoying, I was all scared and confused “I’ve just told the world that I’m using this, it’s on my Blog, I can’t possibly go back” I thought. I deleted the post (although not before it squeezed out through my RSS feed a bit). Then I went back to looking at Flickr and Picasa Web and still poking at Zooomr.

I still liked Zooomr and I’d already uploaded a good few photos and tagged them and stuff.

So I decided to stick with it; I don’t actually have all that many photos at the moment, and the vague limitation of only uploading a couple of photos at a time would help to keep the overall quality of my stuff up. Plus there’s the tease that Zooomr will ‘soon’ be launching an update (so maybe everything will get fixed and stuff).

So, for now, my photos live happily on Zooomr.

Edit in 2013: Sadly, Zooomr had a few problems and exists no more.