{missing photograph}

My School are currently putting on the musical Godspell and as my Wife is the Musical Director, I generally get the job of Official Photographer. I actually enjoy it, but I also find it extremely challenging. The light at these things is always horrible for photography; it’s dark, super bright in tiny spot-lights and really red everywhere else, then there’s lots of movement and even with a tripod I barely get anything.

I was lucky enough this time to get to shoot the pre-show rehearsal, which meant I could move anywhere I wanted and even use a bit of flash, so I did get a few nice photos this time around. Even so, out of the nearly 300 I took, I probably only got about 30 or so usable photos. A lot of this is still my inexperience with the camera, but I really do think it’s a great learning experience and at the end of the day, all they need is 5 or so representative photos to put on the School Notice Board!

The immensely frustrating thing is that I’m really limited as to what I can actually publish on Zooomr, I did get some fantastic shots and I’d love to showcase them but whilst I think I’m legally allowed to (as I took them), I’m not certain (as they are minors and I am In Loco Parentis) and I know it would really start a huge Thing with the various tricky parents of our students.

Edit in 2013: Sadly, Zooomr is no more. I still have the photo I had posted somewhere so I’ll dig it out and upload it at some point.