A novel approach

It’s that time again. It’s like 7-year-itch, where you’ve been in a relationship for 7 years and it’s time to have a little look around. Or 8-month-itch, where you’ve had a mobile phone handset for 8 months and it’s time to get a new one (you all get these right? It’s not just me?).

Well, I also get 5-minute-itch, where my website has looked a certain way for 5 minutes and I want to ‘redesign’ it.

I had a kind of epiphany this time around though, I find it really hard to design websites, I’m not a designer I’m a geeky developer so the graphical elements come hard to me.

What I realised is that I should concentrate on what I want to say first, make up the pages with their content in all semantical-like. That way, I won’t have this really great design that I spent weeks and weeks copying from somewhere inventing, with a whole load of lovely boxes I then have to try and fill.

I feel a lot calmer about this redesign, I wonder how it turns out…