Dungeons and Dragons

A few months ago, after listening to the Penny Arcade podcast that Wizards put together, my geek threshold was activated and I went out and bought myself the 4th Edition books.

Over the next few weeks I became engrossed in them. I’d never had the kind of friend-groups when I was a kid that played these kinds of games so I never got into them. I did manage to find a small group amongst my grown-up adult friends who were willing to give it a go however.

We decided that I’d go DM first, so I set about planning my first adventure, which soon became a campaign and finally, about 2 weeks ago came to an end.

My aim is to try and write a bit about my experience running my first game - the DM mantle has been passed onto someone else for now so I get a chance to actually play, which I’d also like to post a little about.