Running your own server is easy...

…isn’t it?

I’ve been a geek for as long as I can remember. I’ve always loved tinkering with the other side of computers. I remember spending hours typing code from a book into my Commodore 64, to get a sprite of a hot air balloon to sail across the screen. I even have vague memories of making it move in response to a joystick, although it’s difficult to recall whether I ever actually managed to make it work, or if that was just what I spent a lot of time trying to do.

The geek thing is why this blog isn’t Movable Type or Wordpress. I like to understand things and the best way to do that is to make one yourself.

I moved my website onto my own server this week, the process was fairly simple, installing Ubuntu 9.10 server edition was a breeze, configuring all the various servers I needed. Aside from working out what all the commands are, it’s not too difficult.

At this stage, everything is working and I’ve got nothing left to do.

I wish.

Within a few hours of my server being visible on the web, my logs were full of IP:xx.xx.xx.xx > SSH MATCH kind of stuff! Virtually within minutes, strangers were knocking at my door, trying to get in. Repeatedly. For hours!

And so now begins the unending battle to keep my data safe. I guess my £8.99 / month had some benefits after all!