staticDimension - "baked publishing"

A couple of weeks ago I read an article about baked weblogs by Brent Simmons.

I’ve hosted a number of different versions of this website over the last few years, all of them relied on a database in the back end. I’ve always enjoyed building and tinkering with databases - they’re one of the few areas of pure computer science where the proper forms all make sense and there’s enormous satisfaction for me in crafting a particularly complex query completely from thin air and it just working first time!

Unfortunately, databases for websites don’t really appeal to my other little foible of love of efficiency. My posts are all stored in a database and get dragged out kicking and screaming every time the page is refreshed! As any Word Press user knows, write something popular and you’re screwed (it should be noted that this isn’t something I’ve suffered with yet!).

No longer! now runs on a 100% pre-baked publishing engine of my own design: staticDimension.

I’ve jumped the gun slightly, as it is my intention to actually release the source for others, but I wanted to transfer my website over to it first and use it a bit and iron out any bugs - I also need to build a basic template to ship it with.

I’ve never actually released any software I’ve written, so this is fairly exciting for me and hopefully something I’ll be able to write about as I go.