staticDimension - version 1.3 released

I’ve just uploaded version 1.3 to the server adding support for using external applications such as MarsEdit to publish articles and pages via the MetaWeblog API.

I wasn’t all that sure about why people would use applications like this but having spent the last 2 days staring at MarsEdit, I’m definitely a convert (using it to write this!).

Support for editing pages is included, it uses the categories feature of the API to deal with them - anything with a page category is treated as a page instead of an article.

If you’re already running an instance of staticDimension, you’ll probably want to add this line to the <head> of your _home.html template page:

<link rel="EditURI" type="application/rsd+xml" 
title="RSD" href="controlPanel/xml-rpc.php?rsd">

this will allow apps like MarsEdit to auto-configure. For apps that don’t auto-configure, the endpoint is:

any problems just shout