Service Un-interrupted

As I write this, Google Reader is still available but its lifetime is measured in hours.

For the last 3 days, I have been using via Reeder on my iPhone, using the Fever API option, and the web app that I started building on Friday on everything else!

It is my intention to launch as a paid service in the next week or two. I had hoped to be finished with it before Google closed the shutters on Reader, but life got in the way a little.

The system is functional, but it is still a long way from properly usable. Some things that still need to be done:

  1. Add a way to subscribe to feeds without having to log into the database and manually type in SQL!
  2. Add a way to un-subscribe, move feeds into groups and rename them.
  3. Add a ‘logout’ button
  4. Add a way to change your password
  5. Create a signup page
  6. Integrate with a payment processor
  7. Make a nice landing page with tour screenshots
  8. Implement the Google Reader API
  9. Miscellaneous design/layout tweaks

So just a few things there. Longer term, the web app I built is awesome, I’m really pleased with it but I build things old school - no fancy javascript frameworks until everything works ‘sans-script’! (actually, no fancy frameworks at all, I like to build things myself). That means there are a lot of page refreshes - mark an item read; reload the whole page, switch feed; reload the page. This works great all the time it is just me, but I can’t see it scaling particularly well!

I realise too that the payment processor part is going to take a little while, but I’m giving myself a little extra time on that one - all accounts will start off free for the first month. I think paying for software is really important, but I also like to take things for a test drive before I plunk down cash. I guess the clock starts ticking on that one the moment I get my first customer!

Tasks for today are numbers 1, 2 and 3 on the list.