Blog: New Year New Gear


Just before Christmas, I had a kind offer from the folks at PCBWay to work on a small maker project. I saw this as a great opportunity to experiment with some new tech and designed a new board around the Microchip SAMD21G microcontroller.



  • My brain wants me to build a robot now. Send help.

  • TFW: Struggling to understand how to make API calls to do a thing. Search everywhere for a code example. Find a full implementation of the thing you’re trying to do that you wrote.

  • Today is my birthday. One of my students baked me some cookies and another one bought me some chocolate! Yay!


  • Glyph

    An ATMega1284P based handheld console. more

  • Spike

    A small handheld gaming console. more

  • Glixl

    WebGL Javascript Framework. more