I've Been Busy

I hate it when I finally make a decision to do something, and then I just get interrupted, or suddenly remember that I was supposed to have done something else and by the time I actually find myself ready to start I’ve completely forgotten what I meant to do in the first place.

My blogging has already become a little less frequent than I ever intended and my wonderful ideas for fantastic tutorial content seem to remain in the idea realm forever.

There is of course a very good reason for it all. Inspiration. I recently read a short post on inspiration, although I can’t for the life of me remember where right now. Inspiration rarely comes, and when it does you’re a fool to ignore it.

My Name is Malphas, and I have Web 2.0 fever.

I finally had an idea for a killer Web 2.0 app, and I couldn’t let the inspiration pass so I’ve been busily coding away and I actually reckon I’m on to a winner. I’m not going to give any details away at the moment, it’s still very much on the drawing board. Besides that, it actually has a fairly specific target audience.

I’m quite excited, and the SMEs I’ve discussed it with so far have been pretty positive.

I enjoy getting my teeth into a new project, getting the geeky creative juices flowing, and solving all the little irritations and the fantastic feeling of achievement when that last little bit of code clicks into place and something actually happens.

I’m still struggling against the tide of my horrible graphic design skills, but I’m hoping that my coding genius might actually make up for a lot of it! Of course, Web 2.0 is as much about sleek, sexy looks as it is about functionality but we’ll see, inspiration is a fickle mistress and I might just see her again before the week is out!

The tutorials are still very much on my to-do list. Recent events centred very much around my previous post have very much solidified my commitment to developing to web-standards, particularly in an Educational context. There’s just not enough time in the average day; I need to give up sleeping as a bad idea…