3 hours 3 rolls and a whole lotta fun

My D&D group met up last night for the first time this year. Being an adult sucks when work and family and all that grown-up stuff gets in the way of having fun.

My friend Adam is DMing our current campaign, a story that is entirely of his own making.

We’re nearing the end of our quest, having so far defeated an Orc army, dispatched the Great Bear and founded the Cult of the Great Bear (penis)*,

In our bid to retrieve the final piece of the Great Wizard (whose name I’ve forgotten), we have to rob the bank in the paranoid insular city of Skitt.

Last night we managed to make our way to the city, having previously obtained trading licences and secured protection duties with a local trader. Last night was all about casing the bank and formulating a plan.

The awesome thing about our session last night was that it was almost entirely roleplay, I think we made a total of 3 dice checks - Briar checked the entry to the vault for traps whilst scoping it out in his rat form, Faern made a bluff check whilst attempting to pursuade the bank manager that he was passionately interested in the mind-numbing world of accountancy in order to gain his trust to later spike his drink and Brior made a stealth check to successfully avoid being noticed skittering across the vault floor during the manager’s morning security checks.

We left having thoroughly explored our options and laid out our plans. Next week, we’ll get to see if we can pull the heist off without landing ourselves in hot water!

*a long story