LaunchPad Frustrations

I have spent a good few hours lately mapping out how OS X Lion manages LaunchPad. I quite like it and have gotten used to using it but I really don’t want every single app on my mac showing up spread all over the place in there.

I’d pretty much got it figured out, it’s all stored in a handy little sqlite database and I’d even written a nice little bash script to remove icons I didn’t want and tidy things up.

10.7.3 appears to have made a tiny, but annoying change to the way it manages LaunchPad - it ‘helpfully’ rebuilds it on every reboot, so no matter how much I tweak it, it all gets wrecked the next time I log in.

How frustrating.

Updated: Or maybe not every reboot - I just rearranged it all again and rebooted and it didn’t mess with it this time. I think the only thing worse than something annoying happening all the time, is something annoying only happening sometimes, with no obvious reason why.