Never tell people about your projects

I last posted here on the 1st of July. Not the longest outage, but possibly the most irritating.

I’d been working hard on my project and was getting myself psyched up to actually release it.

Then I went on holiday for a month, came back and went back to my day job which is very demanding and simply didn’t have the time or enthusiasm to get things moving again. I still use every single day and it works fantastically for my needs. There are a few bugs here and there and the web app client still leaves a lot to be desired but it happily does its thing every 15 minutes, works wonderfully well with Reeder 2 and I love it.

Talk about RSS aggregator services however seems to have completely died. Everyone seems to have picked a replacement service for Google Reader and moved on with their lives! I’ve pretty much convinced myself that at this point, if I fixed the bugs and sorted out a payment service, I’d get all of about zero customers. This is mostly why I will never be a Silicon Valley Gajillionaire, but I think I’m mostly OK with that.

What it did do though was make me too afraid to write on my blog. I got anxious about it, thinking that if I posted about anything that wasn’t “I made a startup, pay me money now please”, people would see that I had failed. Maybe I have, although ultimately, I have a nice little RSS aggregation system that keeps my thirst for stuff to read sated.

I worked out the other day that of the 24 hours I get in each day, after taking off my job, looking after my children and sleeping, I get about 2 and a half hours of my own, during which I eat and spend time with my wife! This is why Silicon Valley Gajillionaires are almost entirely very young, single and childless.

I still love to tinker with stuff, and I’m hoping that by coming to terms with putting to sleep for the time being, I’ll be able to let myself actually play with other things:

  • A pixel art game heavily inspired by FTL
  • An RPG type game to let me relive my glory days in Ultima Online
  • Learn Ember.js so I can write a cool web app for
  • A project management type app that that brings my Todo App, Bookmarking App and stuff all together in a really useful tool.
  • A Gallery thingy so I can put my photos on my website
  • Finally create an iOS app