Ludum Dare 31

Sadly I wasn’t able to participate in Ludum Dare 31.

I thought the theme was interesting. I know there were some complaints that it was overly specific and made 3D games harder or impossible. It was actually one of the themes that I voted for though because I thought it would be fun.

When I woke up and found out that was the winner, I immediately had the idea of doing a classic platformer with multiple levels all visible on the screen at once. I notice today as people start submitting that there are a few other people who had the same idea and they do look awesome!

are two that I’ve seen so far. I love the idea!

I got as far on Saturday as making a little 8-pix character, Henry:


My plan was to set up as many 64x64 levels as I could all joined together, with puzzles or bosses to defeat to unlock the door to the next space.

Alas, I was unable to do it. I might play around with the idea, but with so little time to do much of anything these days, Henry’s dreams of rescuing his dragon will likely remain forever unrealised. Poor Henry.