Found a path


RPG This week I actually plummed in path finding. The code is a bit hacky at the moment though. Movement is now achieved by clicking in places on the map.

I squashed a couple of related bugs in Glixl too: pathfinding wasn’t properly excluding collidable tiles and the mouse position wasn’t being calculated properly when the page was scrollable. I haven’t pushed these changes up to the Glixl repo yet though, they’re still just in the RPG repo at the moment. I haven’t quite worked out how to manage projects that contain other projects that are developed together. I should probably get on that.

Pixel Art

I started working on some pixel art:

The Pxls

I still need to make a keyboardist and drummer and the lights need a lot of work. I came across a little pixel band when looking at a guide for improving my walk cycle and I really liked it so I thought I’d try my own. My band is a bit more metal though!

I used my pixel palette and to be honest, I really struggled because of this, particularly when I came to do the lights and backgound. I just don’t have enough different shades to get contrast between foreground and background for a scene like this. I’ll stick with it for now, but I want to try something different next time.


I did start hacking in some animation for Jumpy, but I realised that I probably wouldn’t need it this time around (and I was right!). I delivered the lesson to my prospective students but they were less experienced with Python than I was expecting so the session went much slower than I had planned. They seemed to like the idea though.

Other Stuff

Everything else was just paperwork this week. Lots of planning for September and such. No time for creativity.