Weekly Update

This week I wrote a lot of code and ended up right back where I started.



I wanted to spend some time working on a sprite animation ‘engine’ for Spike. I have a game that already has the sprite data for simple walk animations, Spore, but I’ve never actually coded them in.


Annoyingly, I haven’t worked on Spore for a while, which meant it was about 3 versions of the hardware library behind and wasn’t using the tilemap library at all. At first I thought it would be a fairly simple change to switch it over.

It wasn’t. I think I spent about 6 or 7 hours in total refactoring various bits of it. I updated it to use the new structure I developed on Asteroids, and then improved on in Argon (and just realised I need to port back into Asteroids) ::rolleyes::.

So after a weekend of work, I’m back where I started, but I’m in a better position overall.


I rewrote my scaling code to be a generic nearest-neighbour function so I can make whatever stuff I want bigger. I’ll probably move it out into a new library at some point.


I spent some time earlier this week reworking the board for my USB-ISP thing to put all the components on the top and add a nice logo. I sent it off to the fab too, so hopefully that will be on its way soon.

What’s next?

So I think this coming week I want to try and work on the animation thing in Spore and I’m hoping the boards for the Glyph will arrive too. I still need to order the SMD components for that because I only have through-hole in my component boxes!